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‘‘Think Like’’ Roundtables

During the session "Think Like Roundtables", attendees were asked to put on a different hat and think from a perspective of an entrepreneur, policy maker, labor organizer, platform worker, incumbent, and a staffing agency.

Meet the Platform Workers

During our signature session "Meet the Platform Workers", Uber Eats and Deliveroo engaged in a constructive discussion with people who work through their platforms - this exciting panel made us laugh but also consider issues that are important to workers.

Platform Experience

Thanks to the New York-based artist Brett Wallace, we offered you a window into experiences of platform workers. Participants were able to watch short documentaries, featuring interviews with food delivery riders, Amazon Mechanical Turkers, and Handy cleaners. What more, attendees were able to do an actual gig task!

Keynote Speakers

Included Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of RSA, Laura Esnaola, Managing Director of Care.com Europe, Juliet Schor, Professor at Boston College and Koen Frenken, Professor in Innovation Studies at Utrecht University.

Latest Research Insights

Session 1

Knowledge and skills in platform work: still relevant?
Chair: Hakan Ozalp (VU Amsterdam)
The identity of platform workers: European experiences
Chair: Mareike Möhlmann (Warwick Business School)
The nature of platform work
Chair: Hans Berends (VU Amsterdam)

Does Education still Matter in the Gig Economy?

Petra Zaal, Andrea Herrmann, Maryse Chappin, Brita Schemmann
(Utrecht University)

Signalling Skills in an Online Labour Market

Otto Kässi (University of Oxford)

Practice what you Preach: Transforming the Professional Knowledge of Management Consultants

Clara Hoekman, Mohammad Hosein Rezazade Mehrizi
(VU Amsterdam)

Theorizing platform sourcing as a model for organizing knowledge work

Greetje Corporaal, Vili Lehdonvirta
(University of Oxford)

Who are the Shapers of the Platform Economy from Serbia? Intersectional Study of Platform Workers and Policy Agenda Perspective

Authors: Branka Andjelkovic, Tanja Jakobi, dr Maja Kovac, Jelena Sapic, Milica Skocajic
Public Policy Research Center, Belgrade, Serbia

Personas for a better understanding of emerging worker identities in the Swiss Gig Economy (Business & Economics)

Thomas Ryser, Corsin Flepp, University of Applied Science Northwestern Switzerland, School of Applied Psychology, Institute for Research and Development of Collaborative Processes, ifk
Jonas Konrad, University of Applied Science Northwestern Switzerland, School of Business, Institute for Human Resource Management

Global platform labour – Negotiating the value of work in a transcultural space

Anna Oechslen (Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space)

Gigging in the sharing economy

Andrea Geissingera (Örebro University School of Business and The Ratio Institute), Christofer Laurell (Stockholm School of Economics Institute for Research and Jönköping International Business School), Christina Öberg (The Ratio Institute), Christian Sandströmd (Chalmers University of Technology, The Ratio Institute and Jönköping International Business School)

Understanding the nature of tasks in crowdwork platforms

Anoush Margaryan (University of West London)

Session 2

Managing by algorithms: the technological dimension of platforms
Chair: Marleen Huysman (VU Amsterdam)
The challenges of regulating the platform economy
Chair: Andrea Herrmann (Utrecht University)
The platform economy embedded in society
Chair: Niels van Doorn (University of Amsterdam)

Technology-driven workforce management in multi-utilities

Luca Giustiniano, Andrea Prencipe (LUISS Guido Carli University)

Let’s take the high road to platform work. A multimethod study

Sarike Verbiest (TNO Healthy Living), Wouter Van der Torre (TNO Healthy Living), Lisa Hummel (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and TNO Healthy Living), Steven Dhondt (TNO Healthy Living and K.U.Leuven)

The Other Labor Law: Understanding the Tax-Work Intersection

Shu-Yi Oei, Diane M. Ring (Boston College Law School)

Future work

Jeffrey Hirsch (The University of North Carolina)

Impacts of Online Labour Markets on Rural Employment

Fabian Braesemann, Otto Kässi, Vili Lehdonvirta
(University of Oxford)

Uberizing Discrimination

Minna J. Kotkin (Brooklyn Law School)

Micro-work, datafied economies, and artificial intelligence: the French case

Antonio A. Casilli (Telecom ParisTech, EHESS), Maxime Besenval (INRIA), Marion Coville (Telecom ParisTech), Clément Le Ludec (CNRS), Paola Tubaro (INRIA, CNRS)

Session 3

Alternative forms of organizing: beyond platform capitalism
Flexibility and autonomy in platform work: too good to be true?
Platform workers and collective action

Platform Cooperatives: Opportunities and Obstacles

Martijn Arets (Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht)

Business Transfer Options for Realizing Democratic Online Platforms

Morshed Mannan (Leiden University), Nathan Schneider (University of Colorado Boulder)

Work organization in the gig economy: Invisible overheads of platform-based work

Johanna Hofbauer, Dominik Klaus, Angelika Schmidt
(Vienna University of Economics and Business)

How Mobile-Friendly is Crowdwork? Mobile Affordances, Perpetual Contact and Inequalities in the Gig Economy

Gemma Newlands, Christoph Lutz
(Nordic Centre for Internet and Society BI Norwegian Business School)

Working Parents In Gig Economy

Krzysztof Walczak, Barbara Godlewska-Bujok
(University of Warsaw)

Time to Network

We also made sure you had plenty of time to network! The drinks on Thursday, followed by the networking dinner, resulted in fruitful discussions and hopefully long-lasting friendships.


Reshaping Work 2018 conference took place at the Student Hotel in Amsterdam. The Student Hotel is the social, creative and entrepreneurial hub of the city. It is located in former printing press facilities of Het Parool and Trouw newspapers.

Speakers 2018

Laura Esnaola

Managing director,
Care.com Europe
Keynote speaker

Matthew Taylor

Chief executive, RSA
Keynote speaker

Juliet Schor

Professor, Boston College
Keynote speaker

Yorick Bleijenberg

Platform worker
Roundtable leader

Stijn Verstijnen

Counrty manager, Deliveroo

Koen Frenken

Professor, Utrecht University
Keynote speaker

Laurin Sepoetro

EU Public Policy, Uber

Miia Rossi-Gray

Policy officer, European Commission
Roundtable leader

Jochem Pasman

Senior manager,
KPMG Digital Transformation
Roundtable leader

Fredrik Söderqvist

Economist, Unionen
Roundtable leader

Paul Eggink

CEO & Co-founder, Temper
Roundtable leader

Koen van Schie

Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs
and Employment
Roundtable leader

Wiggert de Haan

CIO & Founder, Roamler
Roundtable leader

Johan Zwemmer

Senior Associate, Stibbe

Amrit Sewgobind

Union organizer FNV
Roundtable leader

Pim Paulusma

Policy Advisor, FNV
Roundtable leader





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